fall foliage

Fall Foliage

Vermont Fall Foliage“Foliage” season, a favorite of many, means so many different things. Our international guests struggle for a translation, many guests want to know “when” exactly (exactly what day and time, like a switch is thrown), how long does it last, and where to go to get the best.

For three to four weeks each fall, our roads and restaurants and inns swell with “leaf peepers” from all over the world. These autumnal visitors are so appreciative of what mother nature offers each year, some displays more vibrant, some more reflective of the change of seasons to come.

The trees are now in full form, colors intensifying daily with each night cooler than the last. Our first frost this week will accelerate the transition to peak in the next week or so. Then, depending on rain and wind, the leaves will float down.

So, what is “foliage?” I think of it as an aura, an overspreading sentiment, a time to pause and appreciate. This season requires little from the observant other than visual.