Welcome to the Mount Snow Valley

We've enjoyed a wonderful winter with amazing snow cover throughout the valley. With spring just around the corner and the melt already started, there is still time to get in some spring skiing at its peak. We will be closing down for the spring mud season after Mar 30th so plan your stay today.


We are having a wonderful winter for snowfall.  The Valley, like the Northeast in general has a fantastic base of snow in the fields and on the trails making this the perfect setting for various winter sports.  Snowmobilers and snowshoe’ers alike are enjoying  our beautiful trail system. Snow-In-The-Valley

With our close proximity to trailheads, you can easily go out for a quick hike, ski, or ride.  The more adventurous can pack a lunch and go on a longer excursion into the snowy countryside.   Check with us today for availability.

A country stroll

Summer has arrived in the valley and things couldn’t be more beautiful.  We’ve been enjoying some fantastic sunny days outdoors.  The local trail system is an excellent way to go for a quick walk in the woods.  There is a great mix of wider, more open and level paths for pretty easy use; along with narrower, more adventurous pathways for a longer excursion.

Woods-Vermont-Snow Goose Inn

The trails are shared by hikers and cyclists alike, so you can enjoy a broad mix of activities.  If you are travelling with a dog, remember to bring a leash for the trail.